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With beautiful valleys, lush forests and scenic waterfalls, this area in the southernmost region of Wales boasts plenty of natural beauty. Finding property in Port Talbot for sale is a breeze when you visit and examine the multitude of amazing selections that are listed there. A growing area, this is a location that has a strong economy and is attractive to visitors and locals alike. Once a strong mining town, this area is now known for its beaches and the many outdoor leisure activities that can be enjoyed year round, thanks to a moderate climate. Wonderful geological remains from historic events and industry leave interesting landscaping. Pollution control efforts are making the vicinity more attractive as well. Search for cheap property for rent at and find a great place to live!

  • The economy in this region is supported by heavy industry and major plants, such as the one that provides nearly half of the electricity to all of Wales
  • Known to win yearly awards for beach quality, including ideal water and facilities
  • New roads are currently under construction to improve the ease with which commuters can get in and out of the area for jobs in other regions
  • New and updated multi-level school to provide quality education to children of all ages in the vicinity
  • Home to one of the major sea rescue companies in the country, keeping the entire sea side safe and secure

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